Expertise and flexibility

tailored to you

allow us to create customer orientated individually designed solutions for your projects

right on time. Professional support to realize your project from the first engineering stage by our well trained and motivated employees is guaranteed.

Efficient product standards with high customer satisfaction – customized and on schedule.

Just for you.

Customer satisfaction

Our highest ambition

The best performance of each tooling solution is our focus beginning with the development. BSW engineers innovative well-developed solutions to optimize your productivity and keeps you one step ahead the competition. We want to meet the highest technical expectations of our customers. Also for the future our motto is:

„Think innovatively, realize diligently, advise professionally and serve excellently“ to meet the increasing customer requirements.

Optimized solutions

even for tight tolerances

The main goal of BSW is engineering the best machining solutions. Our expertise is well known in the machining business and with our innovative research and production capabilities we are able to serve you with customized solutions engineered and produced in high quality right on time.

Recently engineered tooling solution guarantees the most economical, highest quality performance and stability in your process. Machining costs and down-times will be decreased and we will improve your productivity. Especially in the engineering of advanced cutting material tools like CBN, PKD and CVD-D we look back on over 20 years of experience. Use this know-how if you are looking for the right solution even for complicated tooling solutions.

We offer you services like regrinding and support your tools from the first testing through the whole lifecycle. Maintenance and efficiency on the highest level. Fast, flexible, precision.

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