BSW has developed into an expert in the production of application-specific cutting tools thanks to our know-how developed over many years, as well as constant innovation in tool construction.

Application optimization

Turning tool with 5 cutting edges on a VDI mount, allows the complete machining of a component without pivoting the turret. This design allows a significant reduction in cycle time.

Special milling tool with 24 cutting edges, in order to realize an application in special machine construction.

Special holders equipped with special cutting plates for the optimized production of a gear unit.


PCD – multi-slot tool for cycle time optimization.

Rim processing

PKD tools with larger PKD segment -high performance

Special wear-resistant PKD grades available

A variety of different PCD plates with different chip cutting and cutting edges, in a very delicate, polished or polished finish

We offer the optimal solution for every machining step!

Cutting material: BDA 18

Tool Shape: VCGT 160412 RAD

Cutting data: VC = 3000 m / min

Feedrate: 0.3-0.5 mm / rev

Cutting depth: AP = 3.0 mm

Lifetime: 6.200 St.

Machining with large cutting volume

Very high cutting speeds and feed rates

Tools with controlled chip breaking

Reduction of build-up formation

High surface quality (visible surfaces)

Great process reliability with high cost-effectiveness

Piston processing

Special circular milling cutters on the 3 processing steps.

Pre-drilling tool for working on aluminum pistons

Plunger for producing the piston ring grooves with a tolerance field of 4 μm.
Available in PKD and CBN versions.

Representation of a complete aluminum piston processing.

Rolling mill processing

BSW manufactures all CBN / PCD tools required to process hard metal, HSS and cast rolls in the reinforcing steel segment.

PCD and CBN tools for roll processing are used worldwide.

Spindle for holding special tools for the processing of the rolls.

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